Post-doctoral Researcher in Video Coding

The Department of Computer and Communication Engineering and the Research Committee of the University of Thessally (UTH) in Volos, Greece, are seeking recent PhD graduates for a post-doctoral position in the field of Digital Video Processing and Compression.

The ideal candidate will work on location-aware video processing algorithms, which includes ongoing research in state of the art video compression, digital TV broadcasting and streaming, 3D-TV, error resilience for video codecs and optimization of video codecs for mobile devices.

The ideal candidate will be offered the opportunity to:
• Work within a team with both industrial and academic international experience in video coding and communication.
• Collaborate with academic and industrial partners in Greece, Italy, and China, with opportunity to travel to partner locations.
• Work on a research subject that best fits his/her background and future goals, within the general areas described above, with emphasis in latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
• Have access to laboratory space and interact with researchers from other labs at the department of computer and communication engineering at UTH.

Application Deadline: 01/06/2011

Further details:
Post-doctoral Researcher in Video Coding

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