Senior Java Developer – Athens

Senior Java Developer
Location: Athens


This is a fantastic opportunity to join our Software Development Team based in our Athens office. We are looking for an exceptional individual whose key responsibilities will be to:

  • Design, code, test and document application programs in Java (Java SE, Java EE), SQL, XML/XSL
  • Identify and apply appropriate modern technologies and techniques for software development
  • Maintain and enhance existing code and database schemas
  • Mentor, advise team members
  • Estimate tasks required to complete various development projects including time and resources required
  • Address product needs in a thorough and timely fashion, including bug fixes, performance enhancements and technical support
  • Assist in hiring and interviewing

You will be able to demonstrate experience in working in small-to-medium sized software engineering teams along with strong communication skills. At least 4 years of working experience with Java and object-oriented development are essential. You should have advanced knowledge of web-based programming essentials (HTML, Javascript & XML) and Java server technologies (Apache Tomcat, JBoss and Oracle Application Server are preferred). Practical experience in Java EE development and knowledge of design patterns would be an advantage. Basic skills in UNIX-based environments (Solaris or Linux) will be an asset. Experience in leading development teams will be considered as a plus. You should possess a BSc or similar computer/engineering degree. A Master’s degree is desirable.

If you want to make a difference and work with a top-rated team of talented individuals, come and join us. We offer a friendly, diverse work environment and very competitive benefits package. If this position is of interest to you and matches your background and career needs, we can’t wait to hear from you!

If this position is of interest to you and matches your background and career needs, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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