Java/Java EE Developer

Tickethour S.A. is aiming to offer products and services of the highest standards in the form of turn-key competitive ticketing solutions by the development, supply and management of an 100% Web-based Ticketing System, the direct sale and distribution of electronic tickets to consumers through various channels including the internet, call centres, ticket outlets, and easypay machines.

TicketHour S.A. seeks for a full-time Java/Java EE developer with at least 2 years hands-on experience.

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor Degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Hibernate, T-SQL, Ms SQL Server 2008
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Persistence
  • Web Services
  • JBOSS Application Server
  • Self-Motivation, Attention to Detail

Considered a plus:

  • Developing Applications on .Net Platform (C++, VB, Windows CE Applications)
  • Fulfilled military services

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